Privacy policy

QuickIntro is a service consisting of a website and an Internet API, owned and operated by Pedro de Carvalho, based in Berlin, Germany.

Server logs

For the purpose of ensuring network and information security, QuickIntro collects the following data on every access to its service: date, IP address and page visited. That data will not be shared with any external entity other than government or law enforcement in accordance to German law.

User profile

For the purpose of providing its service, QuickIntro stores registered users' name, email address, company and role. This information may be visible to all participants of each meeting, depending on settings controlled by the meeting organizer(s).

Cookies and local storage

QuickIntro uses cookies and/or local storage to remember Guests' access to meetings. This is done by storing an access token in Guests' browser, which is used for the sole purpose of granting Guests access to meetings they've previously checked in to. Tokens for each meeting are deleted when a Guest leaves that meeting.

How can access, change or erase data about me?

You can access your user profile data at any time by visiting your profile page at There, you can follow instructions to change your profile or delete it.

Where does QuickIntro keep data about me?

Meeting, user and participation data is stored in servers in Germany, Europe.

User account information is stored in servers in Europe managed by Auth0. Here are Auth0'sPrivacy Policyand GDPR Compliance Article.

Does QuickIntro share data about me with others?

QuickIntro shares profile information with people who participates in the same meetings, as described in the User Profile section.

QuickIntro does not sell information about you to others. It does however use services provided by other companies in order to provide its own service. Some of those services may collect data about you independently, for their own purposes, and store it in different countries. Some of those services may be used to collect information about your online activities across different websites.

QuickIntro uses Google Analytics

QuickIntro's website and webapp use Google Analytics to collect and analyze data about its visitors and users. Google Analytics'privacy policy can be found here.A free browser extensioncan be installed to opt out of it.

QuickIntro uses Auth0

QuickIntro delegates user management and authentication toAuth0. User account information is stored by Auth0, in servers based in the EU region. Here are Auth0'sPrivacy Policyand GDPR Compliance Article.

QuickIntro uses DigitalOcean

QuickIntro's application servers are hosted by a cloud computing platform,DigitalOcean, and are physically located in Germany, Europe. You can read online theirprivacy policy.

How can I contact QuickIntro about my data and privacy?

Please send questions or complaints to:

Pedro de Carvalho